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The 2014 Event

Total Amount Donated in 2014

46 women stormed the doors as they opened at 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning for the third annual She Shoe Swaps.  Ladies were lining up for their purchases.  The sale is a one day blitz of donated new and gently-used shoes, boots and bags, held in memory of the late Rosemarie Vennard. 


This year’s sale was amazing, raising $4272.  A new 

addition this year was a purse raffle that featured a Prada Bag won by Karla Dodds and 5 Coach purses won by Lynda Stepura, Lauren Koch, Cheryl Young, Kari Wilkinson and Fiona Harris. 


Organizers gave full credit for the sale’s success because of donations of such lovely items by so many from both near and far.  Shoes and bags came from as 

far away as Edmonton to make the sale phenomenal.  A particular donation of shoes from the late Irene Ramsay was very touching.  She passed away last year but asked her daughters to make sure her dancing shoes made it back to the sale.  Irene had been a satisfied shopper at the first and second sales of She Shoe Swaps.

 2014 Purse Raffle Winners
 A few of the 2014 Delighted Donor Prize Winners
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