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First Community Church (450 Okanagan Ave E)


9:00 - 3:30

New this year - 2:30 - 3:30 - BOGO 50% shoes

What's it all about?

Sharing a little, caring a lot. Ladies donate  nearly-new or gently used  shoes, boots and bags.   Donors are eligible to win great "thank you" prizes.  Donations are collected and organized for the one day sale extravaganza.  Buyers can get super deals and feel great about the money going to three local charities.   There's also the Ooh-la-la Purse raffle for fabulous name brand bags to win!
Salmon Arm Shuswap 2013
OUR GOAL: $24K in 24!


$20,307.36       A new BEST ever!

So much work, so many fabulous volunteers and such great results.  We are thrilled to announce $20,307.36  was raised between the Sale and raffle.

Our sincere thank you's to each of the following for contributing to the success:

Drop Boxes:

S.A.:  InView Optical (Piccadilly Mall), RBC on Alexander Street, BDV Law office (by the wharf), Okanagan College,

Sorrento:  SASCU

Sicamous:  SASCU

A  BIG shout out to Redd Threads Clothing  who redirected donations to our sale and rocketed up the quality and quantity  of the shoes, boots and bags at the sale.

Another  BIG shout out to Abundant Specialty Advertising who donated our fabulous pink Shoe-per Trooper t-shirts for the volunteers.  YOU are AWESOME!


Thanks to many people and organizations for helping make this event so successful:

VERY IMPORTANT: Thank you to Sparkling Hill Resort who donated 2 x 1 night stays at the oh so fabulous Resort to make the Ooh la la raffle a success. !

2023 Promotional Materials:  The lovely Mareike Klem and Melissa Harris of Ink and Tools and the very wonderful Jeanne at Jeanne's Graphics.

2022 Putting in a Good Word:  BOUNCE  for the super public service announcements to let everyone know. 

InView Optical at the Mall at Piccadilly, RBC on Alexander Street, Okanagan College and Brooke Downs Vennard LLP office.

Purse sponsors:  Daphne Brown, Angie Spencer, Rochelle Dale, Margaret Moores, Kathryn Vennard and the always fabulous Mareike Klem!



Shuswap Shoe Swap Prizes
These people make it all possible:

*The Donors of great shoes, purses and handbags
*The Shoppers at the Sale
*The team of AMAZING volunteers who would rather put their feet up than sort shoes but don't say no
*The ticket sellers
*The local businesses who kindly support the ticket sales and the shoe boxes

Donate to the Shoe Swap
Purse Raffle - there are changes!

DAY OF SALE ONLY - come to the Sale for the Day of Sale only raffle of 5 new and beautiful handbags.

While we have loved doing the purse raffle - it's costs v. return is a challenge. It's expensive to print the tickets and posters and only be allowed to sell $2 tickets.  Plus we love seeing our sale day shoppers win!

2023 Purses won by wonderful women and sponsored  by more wonderful women!


Purse 1:  MICHAEL KORS (PURPLE) Sponsored by Dr. Daphne Brown - Active Chiropractic (retail $425). Winner:  Kennedy Parlour! 

Purse 2: MICHAEL KORS (Brown)  Sponsored by Mareike Klem (retail $395). Winner:  Michelle Zubko

Purse 3:  KATE SPADE (Black) Sponsored by Angie Spencer - BDO LLP Accountants (Retail $450). Winner: Susan Cartwright

Purse 4:  REBECCA MINKOFF (Magenta) Sponsored by Margaret Moores of TreMar Homes(Retail $390). Winner:  Shirley Barker 

Purse 5:    COACH (Cream) Sponsored by Kathryn Vennard of Brooke Downs Vennard LLP, (Retail $460). Winner:  Deirdre Albright

Purse 6:   COACH (Blue) Sponsored by Rochelle Dale - ReMax Shuswap (Retail $495)  Winner:  Tim Alstad

Purse 7: MICHAEL KORS  (Green) Sponsored by Mareike Klem  (retail $390). Winner:  Kath Wills

Prize 8 - Sparkling Hill Resort - 1 night stay.  Sponsored by Sparkling Hill Resort:   Winner: Debra Werner

Prize 9:    Sparkling Hill Resort - 1 night stay.  Sponsored by Sparkling Hill Resort:   Winner: Tracey Pollard

Grateful for the kind support and fabulous ticket sales by Shuswap Clothing & Shoe, InView Optical at Piccadilly Mall,  BDV Lawyers and many others,




ALL Profits Go To 

Three Wonderful Local Charities:

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